Conditions and grooming (February 8, 2017)

Due to very warm conditions today(45-50F) we are not grooming.  We would prefer skiers to not use the trails.  We will begin to groom tomorrow morning due to a return to winter.  Snowshoe trails are open but please do not shoe on ski trails accept at proper crossings.  Full moon ski this Friday night.  


Conditions and grooming (February 6, 2017)

Training loop(Ricker's Field/Perklin's Ridge Trail) groomed this AM.  Also groomed the Pond Loop.  All other trails groomed yesterday.  There are some old track on some of the trails in the woods  Surface just too thin and hard to set track.  Skating lane is in excellent condition!


Conditions and grooming (February 5, 2017)

All trails groomed this AM.  Everything is open and skating should be superb.  Some track  on Perkin's Ridge Trail, Broadway, Water's Edge, Jim's Split and Mary and Faith's Trail.  Get out there and ski before the super bowl.


Conditions and grooming (February 4, 2017)

All trails were groomed yesterday PM.  Shallow track laid on Water's Edge, Mary and Faith's Trail, Jim's Split, Broadway, and Perkin's Ridge Trail.  We will resume grooming tomorrow AM.  Skating should be very good as it warms today.  Get out there.  Ski to the entrance and check out the tubing park.


Conditions and grooming (February 3, 2017)

For the first time this season all our trails are open. Grooming of skate lanes on most trails this AM.  There is some track on Water's Edge, part of Mary and Faith's Trail and part of Jim's Split.  Entrance Trail is now open so you can go check out the new tubing park(not quite open yet). LV did a nice job leaving us a nordic pathway down to the silver lift.  Upper Ken's Drop is open now with the construction of a snow bridge this AM.  Ski with caution because snow bridge is still fairly soft.  Again, this is the time to learn to skate.  It opens up a whole new world in nordic skiing.  Skiing should be fantastic over the next few days.


Conditions and grooming (Ground Hog Day)

Beautiful day for skiing.  Trails are covered with an inch of soft powder from Wed. storm.  Skating should be quite good on the soft coating.  If you are desperate to classic in tracks there are some on Water's Edge, Jim's Split and a little on Mary and Faith's Trail in lower woods.  Grooming will resume Friday morning through the weekend.


Conditions and grooming (February 1, 2017)

Most trails were groomed yesterday PM. No new grooming today, but all trails are covered with a new half inch of powder. Skating should be good and classic without tracks could be fun. There is some track in the lower trails in the woods. Enjoy!


Conditions and grooming (January 31, 2017)

Skate lane grooming at 1:00PM.  We are going to concentrate on training loop(Ricker's Field, down Perkin's Ridge Trail, around lower field and back up to parking lot).  Again,  skating should be very good and fast.  This is the time to learn to skate.  Hopefully some snow tonight will allow us to set tracks again. 


Conditions and grooming (January 30, 2017)

Training loop starting at parking lot and going around Ricker's Field,  down Perkin's Ridge Trail and back up to the parking lot was groomed this AM.  Big mile long loop in Ricker's field is also newly groomed.  All other trails were groomed yesterday.  The skating is fantastic.  Water's Edge and some of the lower woods trails have tracks.  Field is just too hard to set a decent track.


Trails update

3 cheers for our groomers Amos and Steve!!!  I spent the week fretting that we wouldn't be able to have skiable trails for the Baxter Duathlon, but not only were they skiable, they were spectacular as they were all weekend.


For the next week, although there's no real snow in the forecast, we also have fairly cool temps that well allow us to keep skiing on the decent base that we have.  Skate skiing will be great, although there's nothing wrong with skiing classic if that suits your fancy.


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