Grooming and conditions 1/17/2018

Just what the doctor ordered.  We will start grooming this new snow tomorrow morning.  Our hope is we get enough to be able to lay track again.  Great day to get out and ski in the storm.  Please do not ski on trail by Lapham Brook.  Most of that trail was under water a couple of days ago and we need to assess damage before opening it up for skiers. There should be some great skiing for the next few days.



Grooming and conditions 1/16/2018

Groomed half mile skating loop in back half of Ricker’s Field is opened for skiing.  Rest of trails just too hard for skiing and decent grooming.  Snow tonight and tomorrow should allow us to open up more trails.


Grooming and conditions 1/15/2018

A half mile skating loop is groomed in back half of Ricker’s Field.  Access to this loop is on right hand side of field.  Our hope is to open up more trails today.  Please only ski where we have groomed.  Conditions are very variable and icey in spots. Most of trail along Lapham Brook is under water.


Grooming and conditions 1/14/2018

Trails are still closed.  We plan to assess damage from storm today.  Our hope is to get a small area opened up for Bill Koch this afternoon.  We need some snow dancing. Dance until it snows. Then dance some more.


Grooming and conditions 1/13/2018

Trails will continue to be closed today.  Rain is predicted to stop at noon and temperatures drop.  We will let trails drain and firm up today.  Again, please do not be tempted to ski.  



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