Auburn Nordic Ski Association (ANSA)

...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Welcome to ANSA

A new ski season is on the way, so it seems fitting to build a new site for ANSA. Please feel free to make suggestions for the ski area, the club, and this site.

Our new site has:

  • Information about our trails: where we are, a trail map, trail etiquette, and a downloadable (pdf) map. 
  • Information about the club and how to join. 
  • Information about the (awesome) Bill Koch youth program. (Needs to be updated for this year.)
  • A section for news, announcements and grooming/condition updates. 
  • A forum for discussion of ANSA activity. (Anonymous unregistered visitors may read the Forum, but only registered and logged in users may post. Registration is easy, open and free.)

Still to come:

  • A feedback form. (For now, you will have to either contact a club member or register on the site and use the Forum.)
  • Some photos from previous seasons and a way for members to upload their photos.