Never met a snowstorm I didn't like...

Love it when it snows!

Conditions and grooming (January 17, 2017)

Another great day for skiing!  All trails have been groomed and tracked where possible.  The Pond Loop, the top of Ken's Drop and the Entrance Trail are closed.  Please do not ski them because they are very icy. Grooming was done yesterday afternoon so conditions should be very good as it warms today.  Maybe a little snow tonight.


Grooming and conditions (January 16, 2017)

Beautiful day for skiing.  We will continue grooming later this morning into early afternoon. Grooming is more effective in these conditions as temperatures rise.  Ricker's Field has good skating lanes and  track set where possible.  The plan is to start working on trails in the woods.  For those that like to skate this is sugar snow where groomed.


Conditions and grooming (January 15, 2017)

Ricker's Field is now open for skiing.  Skating lanes are in very good shape.  Some track set where snow was soft enough.  Hope to open more trails in the woods tomorrow.


Conditions and grooming (January 14, 2017)

The good news is we kept our snow base.  The bad news it is like a brick.  Since we do not have a tiller our grooming equipment is limited in these conditions.  Our goal is to open up a small area for the Bill Koch program on Sunday.  If we can do anything else it will be posted tomorrow.


Moonlight Ski cancelled


Although the moon will be bright, it will be hidden by clouds dropping the tail end of a day's rain on a very soggy parking lot and trail system. Sighhhhh....


It does rain each January. It does snow again, and this wonderful ski season will continue. 


As the temps drop the trails will harden to cement, and the grooming crew will do their best to scratch out at least a loop in the field for us. 


Snow dances are appropriate at this point. 

Grooming and conditions (January 11, 2017)

Trail side parking lot will be closed today.  There will be no grooming until cold temperatures return. Looks like Friday/Saturday winter will be back.  Snowshoeing could be fun in the warm weather.  Latham Brook will be running hard.  


Grooming and conditions (January 9, 2017)

All trails covered with 1 " of fresh powder.  Skating lanes will be groomed later today.  Tracks on most trails are in good condition.    Beautiful day for skiing or snowshoeing.


Grooming and conditions (January 8, 2017)

No new grooming today.  Skating lanes were groomed yesterday and new track set in many of the lower trails in the woods including Water's Edge.  The upper part of Ken's Drop and the Entrance Trail are still closed.  Open drainage on upper Ken's Drop.  Be very careful skiing down the S curves on Broadway.  We cannot do a good job grooming where we turn on to Water's Edge Trail.  The snow last night should make for some great skiing in the tracks.  Should be able to use hardwax or waxless again.


Grooming and conditions (January 7, 2017)

As it warms up today there should be some fantastic skiing.  Very fast skating and great classic if you are a klister skier or just want to double pole in the field.   Ken's Drop is still closed but most of the other trails are open.  Our plan today is to concentrate grooming the lower trails and try to get some track laid.  The groomers want to thank skiers for staying off trails when we closed due to warm weather.  Absolutely nobody skied which made it possible for us to get the trails reopened.  Chance of light snow this evening which could make for great skiing tomorrow.



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