Grooming and conditions 2/14/2018

All trails were groomed Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening.  Track set in Ricker’s Field, Pond Loop Trail,  and some of the trails in lower woods. Skating should be very good in this granular snow.  Treat yourself and get out for a Valentine ski.



Grooming and conditions 2/13/2018

Ricker’s Field Trails and Pond Loop Trail groomed this AM.  Grooming on all other trails has been started but is not complete.  These trails can be skied but they are not quite up to our standards yet.  Water’s Edge is open and in excellent condition.  If you ski Ken’s Drop and “s” curves to LV entrance be cautious.  These trails were damaged by snowboarders and we have not removed all deep ruts and footprints. Skate skiing should be fabulous.  Classic even better if you can nail the wax.



Grooming and conditions 2/12/2018

Trails are closed today.  We are going to let them drain and set up before grooming.   A very frustrating season for avid skiers.   Grooming will resume Tuesday AM.



Grooming and conditions 2/11/2018

Try to get out for a ski before rain.   Middle school race course should make for some good skating.  Rest of trails are covered with 3” of powder with a skied in track. 



Grooming and conditions 2/10/2018

All trails got covered with a fresh coat of 3 inches of powder.  The only new grooming this morning concentrated on the middle school skate race course.  Classical skiing should be great as more people ski in the old track.  We limited our grooming due to the warm weather and forecasted rain over the next day or so.  Middle school race is at 3:30 PM with over 120 kids signed up.  Ski out and cheer them on.




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