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For your safety and for the safety and enjoyment of our community of skiers, we ask everyone to understand and abide by the following Guidelines for Skinny Skiing:


  • Ski safely. We do not have a ‘ski patrol’ and you are skiing at your own risk. Know your abilities and ski under control. Be considerate of other skiers and never assume they can predict or adjust to what you do. If you ski at night, remember that visibility is much less (even with a headlamp) and NEVER ski alone at night.
  • Skiing only. Our ski trails are designed, built, groomed, tracked and maintained by Nordic skiers for Nordic skiers. Walking and snowshoeing on the trails are not allowed. If you must walk briefly, please stay at the edge and avoid damaging the body of the trail or the tracks.
  • Snowshoeing only on the designated and marked separate snowshoe trails.
  • Stay on the groomed trails. We have permission from the landowners contingent upon use of the trails and care for the property. Do not leave the trails and do not damage or modify trees or fences. 
  • Be a good steward and good citizen. Do not stand in the middle of a trail blocking others. Do not litter. Fill or smooth your sitzmarks as best you can. Smile and be friendly with other skiers and offer to help when appropriate.
  • NO PETS. We know your dog loves the out of doors, but dogs damage the trails and tracks, leave deposits in the most awkward places, and can frighten skiers and cause accidents. The Lake Auburn Community Center is dog friendly for snowshoeing and skiing! LACC is a stones throw from the ANSA trailhead - just past the West Auburn Church on West Auburn Road. They even have dog poop stations!  Awesome.  Send your friends with dogs there and we'll all be happy.
  • Be careful with parking and courteous in the parking lot. Watch for people and especially children. Lock your vehicle. If the lot is closed, please respect that and park carefully along one side of the road. Remember that the parking lot is on a hill and curve.

If you see a problem or potential hazard, please let one of us know. 

Thank you for your consideration.




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