Conditions and grooming (March 9, 2017)

The good news is that the snow shoe trails are a great way to get out to enjoy a bit more winter while you can.  They're still covered with snow, clear of blowdowns, and fun for tromping.


The bad news is that the ski trails aren't groomable unless we get a little more snow.  They're still covered (except the bottom of Ken's drop - beware!) but now a sheet of ice again, and our equipment is just not able to soften it up enough.  When the temps climb into the mid 30s and above, the top surface softens enough to have some fun skate skiing and waxless classic.


These are odd winters we've had lately, but we make the best of them.  The good news is that we've had snow covered trails for 3 months so far.  Not bad.  Not bad a'tall.