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Trails Closed (January 17, 2021)

Ski and snowshoe trails are a wet mess out there after 2" of rain yesterday.  Boo hoo.  Please do not ski or walk on the ski or snowshoe trails for now.  Snowshoe trails will be good for walking by Tuesday after they freeze up.
What's amazing is that there is in fact still snow on the ground, and as it freezes to a crust in the next couple days, we can all cross our fingers for just a few inches of snow and then we'll be back in business.
January is usually a tough month for nordic skiers, often leaving us wondering why we don't choose a more predictable activity like... like a treadmill, or lap swimming.  But the anticipation of that unequalled silky sensation of skis gliding over fresh snow keeps us all coming back.  So hold on - February and March usually bring the best skiing.


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