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Dear ANSA members,

I am writing with a request that may seem oddly timed coming during a pandemic, and as we enter the heat of the summer.  I’m asking for a donation towards a piece of trail grooming equipment that is critical in order to continue preparing the wonderful skiing that we all enjoy.

Here’s the problem that our ski club faces – climate change has made grooming increasingly challenging as we see more winter rain and warm temperatures, leaving icy snow which is difficult and time consuming to turn into the lovely conditions that we all love to ski on.  The snowmobiles that we have relied on for years frequently overheat and are hard to steer without the powdery snow they are designed for.  Learning from other clubs, the ANSA board has determined that an ATV with tracks would be much better suited for these conditions, and we are unanimous in wanting to find a way to purchase the machine which has a total cost of about $18,000.  We had hoped that our mission and this need would qualify us for grants, but even with the help of a professional grant writer, we found that most grants don’t cover equipment costs, leaving us to consider other ways to finance this.

Fortunately, we are able to cover part of the cost from our bank account, and can obtain a loan from a local bank, but we are reluctant to borrow too much as a non-profit club with limited cash flow.  Your ANSA board has led off the campaign with 100% participation, raising the first $2,500 of our campaign goal of $7,500.  Our hope is that you, our club members, will make a donation to complete the campaign, leaving $2,500 to borrow.  Please give $100, $50, or the amount that feels right for you.  Thank you for your consideration - this winter all skiers will appreciate any gift you can make.

There are two ways to donate: 

· Checks can be sent to ANSA, PO Box 1062, Auburn ME 04211.

· Donate on GoFundMe via this link, and share the link far and wide:

The sooner we finish the job, the sooner we get this new machine in the hands of our equipment guru Steve to customize in time for the first snowfall.  Thank you for your support of ANSA as members, volunteers, and as fellow winter sports enthusiasts.  I suspect that you feel as I do that ANSA is a community treasure that is both a bargain and well worth supporting. 

Remember that ANSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so donations are tax deductible. And also notice that the recent Corona relief package included an option for deducting $300 in charitable donations without itemizing.

I look forward to seeing you out on the trails when the snow flies!

Bruce Condit, President

Auburn Nordic Ski Association



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