Announcement: Lost keys

Richard Ness lost a set of car keys during last Saturday's snow - 

Keep your eyes on the snow for the fob to show!


During the season, if you find something of value that shouldn't remain hanging on the signpost until it reconnects with its owner, please bring it across the street and leave in our mudroom door and we'll keep it safe.  


Trail conditions and photo 12/21/2016

Skate lanes in Ricker's Field and Perkins Ridge Trail groomed this AM.  Tracks on these trails are still in good shape.  What a day to ski!! Enjoy the skiing and snowshoeing.

Grooming report December 20, 2016

Skating lanes in Ricker's Field and Perkin's Ridge Trail will be groomed on Wed. 12/21.  Tracks still in good condition.  Snowshoe trails need some packing if you are up for a workout.  


ANSA president's message

ANSA chums,

I'd like to periodically keep you posted on ANSA items and progress both to keep you informed as board members, but also to get your opinions as well. I'll lump things together periodically so that I'm not bombarding you with emails. Please send me your opinions on things - I really do value them, and it helps us run this organization by committee.

Grooming report December 19, 2016

All trails are rolled.  Tracks set wherever possible.  No tracks on Pond Loop.  It is still too rough on the segment behind the pond.  The entrance at Lost Valley on Squirrel Run is temporarily closed due to construction of the tubing park.  Skating lane is firm and fast and should be very good on Tuesday.



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