Grooming and conditions February 16, 2019

All trails groomed this AM. We got an additional 2 inches of snow yesterday, followed by a little freezing rain. Skiing is fantastic for both skating and classical. Treat yourself!

Grooming and conditions February 15, 2019

No new grooming today.  We are going to let rain and warm up do its thing.  Most trails are tracked and groomed for skating.  Ricker’s field got windswept yesterday so you may have to plow through in a few spots.  Please have patience over the next few days with the grooming.  We are working on our big sled and we are down to one machine.  Hopefully we will have it fixed in a few days.  Don’t forget full moon ski this Monday.

Grooming and conditions February 14, 2019

Trails have been packed and rolled.  Tracks set on most trails yesterday afternoon.  Today we will touch up the skate lanes.  We got over 8 inches of dense powder!  Get out there and enjoy the warm temperatures and new snow.

Grooming and conditions February 13, 2019

Trails coated with 8 inches of new powder.  Grooming will begin this AM.  If you decide to ski be aware that groomers may be on trail.  Our goal is to pack and roll the trails today.  Other than this Friday the next week looks like great ski conditions.

Grooming and conditions February 12, 2019

No new grooming today.  The training loop in Ricker’s Field and a loop in the woods groomed for skating Monday afternoon.  Storm today and tomorrow should give us something to work with on the trails.   Middle school state race rescheduled to Feb. 27.


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