A (new) happy ANSA member

The following note comes from John, formerly from Lisbon (Maine) and now living in Rhode Island who joined ANSA this winter to he could visit and ski:


A big thanks to you folks.  Drove up from RI this weekend with my skis.  Pulled them off the car rack and noticed the base on both skis had peeled off.  Figured I'd either have to go over to Lost Valley and rent, or put the skis away and pull out my snowshoes (wouldn't have been a bad thing, but I felt like skiing).  Remembered your previous email about the equipment shack, so I borrowed (and put back, hopefully no worse for wear) both a set of skis AND boots from you (as my ancient boots are incompatible with any modern binding). 

So, you made my day just a little bit better, and the trails were GREAT thus morning!  This is one of the nicest places to ski tour that I have been!  
Thank you so much!  Glad i finally joined this year!