Moonlight Ski

Hello ANSA friends!

As we wrestle with the challenging weather of January, I'm reminded that our best snow conditions are typically from mid-February on, just like this year.  The snow is lovely, with more in the forecast.  This is the time of year to get out and enjoy the silky sensation of your skis across the smooth snow.  Yummy.
Tuesday night looks to be a spectacular night for a moonlight ski.  The sky will be clear, and the moon will be up in the sky by 6pm as it's getting dark.  Although a headlamp is a good safety item, you'll be able to ski the field with the soft reflected light of the full moon.  Come join your fellow ANSA skiers for a lovely night in the field, any time after 6pm.
Monday night is another option, although may be a little cloudy. 
Happy skiing,