Snow storm in progress

It is snowing. Hard. 


Grooming and conditions (December 28, 2016)

Grooming will continue after Thurs./Fri. storm.  Even though there is 100% snow coverage it is too thin and warm to groom.  As it warms today skiing in field should be fun.  Klister is your best bet in the tracks.


Grooming report December 26, 2016

Skating lanes in Ricker's Field and Perkins Ridge Trail groomed this AM. All Other trails have about 1 inch of soft snow on them.  Snowshoe trails are in great shape.  Please snowshoe on designated snowshoe trails and not beside or on ski trails.  It is very difficult for groomers to remove the damage.  Thanks


Grooming report December 23, 2016

All trails groomed this AM.  Tracks reset in Ricker's Field Loops and Perkins Ridge Trail.  Again, best skiing is on those trails.  Pond Loop and other trails have been rolled but still not enough snow to do much else.  Enjoy a beautiful and sunny day on the trails. (Webmaster's comment: fantastic skiing this morning!)


Announcement: Lost keys

Richard Ness lost a set of car keys during last Saturday's snow - 

Keep your eyes on the snow for the fob to show!


During the season, if you find something of value that shouldn't remain hanging on the signpost until it reconnects with its owner, please bring it across the street and leave in our mudroom door and we'll keep it safe.  



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