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Moonlight Ski February 10, 2017

Tomorrow night, bundle up and come out for a full moon ski around 6pm.  


Sun set and moon rise are both about 5pm, so there should be a beautiful glowing ball of light over the horizon, lighting your way as you head out.  Head lamps optional.


Trails update

3 cheers for our groomers Amos and Steve!!!  I spent the week fretting that we wouldn't be able to have skiable trails for the Baxter Duathlon, but not only were they skiable, they were spectacular as they were all weekend.


For the next week, although there's no real snow in the forecast, we also have fairly cool temps that well allow us to keep skiing on the decent base that we have.  Skate skiing will be great, although there's nothing wrong with skiing classic if that suits your fancy.

Weekend Activities (January 28-29)

Despite a tragic storm that I thought might put our ski season on hold, I think we will survive.  Amos and Steve's preliminary report is that tomorrow they hope to be able to turn the pavement-like layer of ice into some decent skate lanes.  It will be very fast, and there are still some water hazards, so please use appropriate caution.  


Trail hazard

As part of the Auburn Winter Festival, Lost Valley will be hosting a Fat Bike event on Sunday January 29.  On that day only, they will be using a portion of the nordic trails that we maintain to be able to access the snowshoe trails at the top of the ski area.  They will be entering the entrance trail, heading up the S-turn to Broadway, left up the little connector to the Perkins Ridge Trail, then somehow to the base of the old Amos' trail to pick up the snowshoe network then.

ANSA news and update

Some announcements and information about the trails, planned events, and ANSA business. 

Announcement: Lost keys

Richard Ness lost a set of car keys during last Saturday's snow - 

Keep your eyes on the snow for the fob to show!


During the season, if you find something of value that shouldn't remain hanging on the signpost until it reconnects with its owner, please bring it across the street and leave in our mudroom door and we'll keep it safe.  


ANSA president's message

ANSA chums,

I'd like to periodically keep you posted on ANSA items and progress both to keep you informed as board members, but also to get your opinions as well. I'll lump things together periodically so that I'm not bombarding you with emails. Please send me your opinions on things - I really do value them, and it helps us run this organization by committee.

Message from Bruce

Now's the time - stomp, chant, exhort and exalt!!  Maybe if we all face south and inhale deeply at the same time we can draw the storm our way  - whatever it takes!!  The grooming gear is in place ready to go.  Remember that even a little snow covers the grass in the field enough to make for decent skiing - I've seen tracks already this week.


Storm coming - wax your skis

Wnter is knocking on the door. Get your skis ready. 


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